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Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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We have started the Beaverfork Fire Hydrant Project. During this project, we will clean around (this includes the removal of all types of grass, shrubs, trees, and brush); locate and map; service and repair; paint, ID, and number; and test each hydrant. This project cannot be completed in a few days because we have specific steps that must be followed to ensure the safety of our employees and firefighters; while maintaining the integrity of each fire hydrant, each water service connection, and the water system. 

However, let us assure you that we will get the entire project will be completed as soon as possible. Part of the process includes providing work-in-progress and status reports that are to a specific area.  We have three areas: (1) Between Highway 65 & 25; (2) East of Highway 65; and (3) West of Highway 25. Before we start the maintenance and testing part of the process, we will identify the areas where we will be working, let you know that what you can expect, and how this project might affect you.    

What could you possibly see and what might you expect? You might see a change in the water’s appearance. It might be cloudy or be a different color from what you normally see, but this process should not disrupt your service. Look for more information soon. If you have any questions and or comments, please free to call Kathy at (501) 329-4200, ext. 201. She will gladly answer your questions; listen to your comments and respond as appropriate.

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